Automatic non-contact disinfection gel/soap dispenser

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21.00 Net value

Elegant non-contact dispenser for liquid soap or disinfectants.

The dispenser is made of stainless steel and robust ABS. It automatically dispenses the right amount of soap – just place your hand under the infrared sensor. You can choose from 3 volumes of soap or disinfection gel.

The automatic dispenser is suitable for liquids of different densities – from water-based and standard liquid soap to thick gel formulas.

For use by customers in shops, restaurants, beauty salons, offices and agencies, bathrooms or kitchens, and wherever hygienic contactless access to a disinfectant or soap is needed.

Powered by AAA batteries – 4 batteries included in the set FOR FREE!

The automatic soap, gel and disinfectant dispenser is an ideal solution for people who value functionality, ease of use and simple, elegant design.

The built-in infrared sensor allows to dispense the correct quantity of product.

The contactless dispenser will be perfect for maintaining the highest degree of hygiene. Just put your hand under it, without touching the dispenser.

The dispenser has a capacity of 280 ml and is powered by 4 AAA batteries (AA cells) included in the set FOR FREE .


280 ml


330 g


18.5 cm (height with mount) x 10.5 cm (tap) x 6 cm (diameter)

Power supply

4 x AA