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SJ-4D disposable earphones


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SJ-4D disposable earphones for 2 ears. Individually packed in sealed pouches. They are characterized by good listening quality.
The SJ-4D headphones are only “conventionally” disposable, as their durability is planned for a shorter period of time than in the case of expensive headphones, but it does not mean that they are of insufficient quality.

Disposable earphones are the most hygienic solution for servicing a large number of users, they also facilitate the logistics of servicing large groups of excursions.
Each pair of headphones is packed in a sealed foil bag, which guarantees the first use. Thanks to this form of packaging, it is not necessary to disinfect the headphones before use.
The SJ-4D headphones are universal and work with the mGuide Pellegrino models, but also with most other available models from companies such as Okayo or Linkx. After the trip or sightseeing of the facility, the headphones can also be used with other devices equipped with a jack socket, such as a telephone or computer.

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disposable earphone



Special features

for 2 ears, earbud

Cable length

approx. 120 cm


3,5 mm jack

Speaker size

15 mm

Package size

100 pcs., 1000 pcs.


Okayo WT-300 G2, Okayo WT-350, mGuide DLR-01, mGuide Pellegrino, mGuide Pellegrino 2