Contactless hygiene station with AIKE 1205 soap, gel and disinfectant dispenser


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AIKE 1205 is a top quality automatic contactless dispenser for gel soap and antibacterial liquid with a capacity of 700 ml, which includes an exclusive pylon with a platform stand and a drip tray.

The dispenser has 5 levels of adjustment of the amount of dispensed liquid, from 0.5 to 2.5 ml, depending on density.

The elegant metal dispenser with a PYLON stand in chrome is characterized by exceptionally careful workmanship and a robust design, thanks to which it matches any interior.

The contactless dosing system allows for use of the dispenser wherever there is a high flow of people.

The set includes a screw and bolt kit for installation not only on a stylish stand, but also on the wall + 6 AA batteries for free!




700 ml


1,1 kg


Dispenser dimensions:: 10 x 11 x 22 cm, Stand height: 141,5 cm

Power supply

6 x AA