DCH-24U + MP2-SKC – charger with channel synchroniser for Pellegrino 2

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397.00 Net value

A set for loading and synchronising channels in receivers – DCH-24U charger and MP2-SKC synchroniser.

With this synchroniser, you can easily and quickly synchronise channels in more receivers in one go.

The handy and light charger which operates 24 pieces of tourguide mGuide Pellegrino 2 devices will solve your problem of replacing the battery and the regular costs associated with it.
You can easily pack the charger into a suitcase with clothes or briefcases with documents. 2 chargers fit perfectly in TBX1 and TBX2 bags.

Charging time up to 4.5 hours (from zero). Use with AA NiMH batteries up to 2100mA capacity.

Be eco and make some savings:
– save the environment – use a charger and rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries!
– save money – even in the most economical Pellegrino 2 disposable batteries will run out after about 35 hours, meanwhile rechargeable batteries will serve you for years!

The cost of 100 disposable AA batteries to power one Pellegrino 2 set (50 receivers) is about PLN 90.
The cost of charging 100 batteries is less than PLN 1.

Dimensions 27x20x4 cm.
Power supply and self-adhesive rubber ‘feet’ included in the set.

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