Disposable AA batteries (R6) Panasonic Powerline Industrial (480 pcs.)


Net price, exc. VAT. If purchase is made by a business customer with a European VAT number (EU VAT), the rate of VAT will be 0%. In all other cases, 23% VAT will be added to the product price.

129.00 Net value

Date of minimum durability: 2022

Technical specifications:

voltage [V]: 1.5

packaging: 40 pcs. a box.

model: LR6/AA

size: AA

diameter [mm]: 14.5

height [mm]: 50.5

other markings: LR6 / AA / R6 / MN 1500 / Mignon / AM3 / E91

Industrial version of alkaline batteries is an equivalent to the best quality batteries available in blister packs and it can be used in manometers, flashlights, and other household appliances. The price of the batteries does not include high costs for advertising and marketing, which consequently makes them an optimal choice of high quality in relation to the price.