Tour Guide System – mGuide Pellegrino 2 receiver


Digital receiver for guided tours – mGuide Pellegrino 2. The use of modern transmission technology makes this popular model a market leader in systems for tourguides and enables taking advantage of several unique functions useful in the work of tourist guides. Basic warranty – 3 years.

32.00 Net value

mGuide Pellegrino 2 utilises digital modulation GFSK and allows to experience an exclusive transmission space free of noise and disturbances, which until now has been reserved for high-end devices. While most of the sets working in the 863-865 MHz frequency band transmit with use of analogue systems, the Pellegrino by-passes noise, ensuring the comfort of your clients

– The Pellegrino 2 receiver will work for up to 32 hours on 1 battery (or on 1 fully charged rechargeable). It can be additionally charged (if using rechargeables) with the use of a common smartphone charger with micro USB plug.
– Pellegrino 2 contains 20 channels in digital modulation GFSK in 863-865 MHz frequency band
– The device has a range of 100m in eyesight line.
– Equipped with Eco-save function – the power saving mode automatically turns the receiver off in the case of 20-minute inactivity
– In the TBX1 or TBX2 bag-backpack convertible, you will fit up to 48 Pellegrino 2 receivers in the protective foam!




Pellegrino 2


tour guide receiver

Special features

ecological, economical

Intended use

long sightseeing, long tours, museums, tourism


863 – 865 MHz

Number of channels


Range in the line of sight

up to 100 meters

Power supply

2 x AA

Operating time

up to 32 h


Earphone connector 3.5 mm jack


49 x 69 x 25 mm

Weight with a battery