mGuide Pellegrino 2


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32.00 Net value

– Exclusive system at a reasonable price – mGuide Pellegrino 2 utilises digital modulation GFSK and to experience an exclusive transmission space free of noise and disturbances, which until now has been reserved for high-end devices. While most of the sets working in the 863-865 MHz frequency band transmit with use of analogue systems, the Pellegrino by-passes noise, ensuring the comfort of your clients
– 2 x ECO:
– economical – after charging the AA NiMH batteries, the receiver will work for up to 32 hours, which will be benefitable for your wallet,
– ecological, – you will not need to utilise the used batteries so often
– practical – during a long trip the receivers or transmitters from the Pellegrino 2 family can be charged up with a common smartphone charger… if only such a necessity occurs (applicable only while using rechargeable batteries)

Technical data:
– receiver worktime – 32 hours on 2 AA batteries
– transmitter worktime – 24 hours on 2 AA batteries
– 20 channels, digital modulation GFSK
– frequency band – 863-865MHz
– range (eyesight line) – 100 metres
– automatic synchronisation of receivers with the transmitter
– memory of channel settings
– Eco-save – battery saving systems turns the device off if it is idle for 20 minutes or more
– mute function
– micro USB socket allows for charging of the device (both transmitter and receivers) with a common smartphone charger (only applicable while using NiMH rechargeable battery)




Pellegrino 2


digital tour guide system

Special features

works the longest while using batteries/rechargeables, ecological

Intended use

long sightseeing, long tours, museums, tourism

Number of channels


Range in the line of sight

up to 100 meters

Power supply

2 x AA

Operating time

receiver up to 32 hours; transmitter up to 24 hours.


863 – 865 MHz