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Pocket Sterilizer UV-C – X1

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Sterilizer UV-C is a pocket-sized, wireless, elegant device that will neutralize bacteria and viruses on everyday objects, such as a phone, keys, mouse, keyboard, door handle or mask in just 59 seconds.

The sterilizer holds a medical license. Contrary to some cheap sterilizers, the X1 sterilizer emits UV light in the wavelength range 260 to 280 nanometers, i.e. in the bactericidal C range. The remaining A and B ranges do not have bactericidal properties. When buying a sterilizer, be sure to pay attention to the wavelength of the emitted UV light.

Sterilization with UV-C light vs. the coronavirus

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) lists UV radiation as one of the ways to fight the coronavirus – ultraviolet light destroys its thin lipid layer.

Advantages of the pocket sterilizer:
small and handy – it fits in a pocket or purse
wireless – powered by a rechargeable battery (USB charging cable included)
safe – to protect the skin and eyes, the sterilizer automatically turns off the light when it detects a sudden change in the position of the device (built-in gravity sensor)
energy-saving – auto-sleep function will automatically turn off the device after 5 minutes of inactivity
suitable for sterilizing teats, teethers and other toys that babies put in their mouths
– very easy to use

Thanks to its small size and high efficiency, the sterilizer will neutralize bacteria and viruses on many items of everyday use at home or at work. You can use it to sterilize:
– phone
– mouse and keyboard
– received mail
– glasses
– keys
– door handles
– bag
– a cup or a teaspoon
– teats and teethers

CAUTION! UV-C radiation is harmful to eyes and skin, plants and animals. You should not stay within the range of UV-C light. The device is not intended for skin disinfection. Used in accordance with the instructions and intended purpose, the device is completely safe.


UV-C – X1


140 × 69 × 170 mm


95 g


4 W

Sterilization time

59 s