Receiver mGuide Pellegrino 2


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32.00 Net value

mGuide Pellegrino 2 utilises digital modulation GFSK and allows to experience an exclusive transmission space free of noise and disturbances, which until now has been reserved for high-end devices. While most of the sets working in the 863-865 MHz frequency band transmit with use of analogue systems, the Pellegrino by-passes noise, ensuring the comfort of your clients

– The Pellegrino 2 receiver will work for up to 32 hours on 1 battery (or on 1 fully charged rechargeable). It can be additionally charged (if using rechargeables) with the use of a common smartphone charger with micro USB plug.
– Pellegrino 2 contains 20 channels in digital modulation GFSK in 863-865 MHz frequency band
– The device has a range of 100m in eyesight line.
– Equipped with Eco-save function – the power saving mode automatically turns the receiver off in the case of 20-minute inactivity
– In the TBX1 or TBX2 bag-backpack convertible, you will fit up to 48 Pellegrino 2 receivers in the protective foam!




Pellegrino 2


tour guide receiver

Special features

ecological, economical

Intended use

long sightseeing, long tours, museums, tourism


2,4 GHz

Number of channels


Range in the line of sight

up to 100 meters

Power supply

2 x AA

Operating time

up to 32 h


Earphone connector 3.5 mm jack


49 x 69 x 25 mm

Weight with a battery