Rechargeable AA battery everActive (R6) NiMH 1900


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1.30 Net value

type: R6 AA, Ni-MH,
dimensions: typ. 14.0 x 50.2mm,
gross weight of the set: 118g,
weight of the cell: 27g,
voltage: 1.2V,
manufactured in accordance with applicable regulations – trusted manufacturer – quality guarantee,
excellent, level characteristics of battery discharge,
very high capacity- max 2000mAh, min. 1900mAh – wg IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2),
internal impedance: < 35 mOhm (for charged battery), possible discharge with extra high discharge current >4A,

The actual capacity of everActive reusable batteries is consistent with declarations on the battery/blister pack – in accordance with international norm IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2).
Extremely durable reusable batteries with extended battery life, distinguished by high repeatability of parameters.
They are also characterized by having one of the widest operating temperature range: -20..50 DegC.

Truly universal – reusable batteries everActive are suitable for: flashlights, toys etc., and due to application of “ready to use” technology they can become a direct substitute for alkaline batteries etc.

EverActive reusable batteries – high quality product at an affordable price – we highly recommend it!

Perfect for flashes, flashlights, searchlights, digital cameras or CD/MP3 players. The capacity of everActive reusable batteries is similar to that of alkaline batteries, but they can be repeatedly recharged (even up to 1200 times). Also, rechargeable batteries have better tolerance for discharge by high power consumption.

By purchasing everActive rechargeable batteries you contribute to environment protection and reducing of potential waste.
One rechargeable battery can substitute several hundred of traditional batteries.
EverActive rechargeable batteries provide high efficiency even in extreme conditions.
Wide range of acceptable operating temperature: -20..50 DegC.
New technology also extends battery life – allows the battery to have even higher number of charging/discharging cycles while maintaining high performance parameters.