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Intercom system for wireless communication on a film production set or at a concert – AT-350-2AV


Set of two intercom units for full-duplex voice communication between members of a film or journalist crew – e. g. director and camera operator.

 913.00 Net value

Set includes:
– AXIWI AT-350 wireless intercom – 2 pcs.
– HE-001 headphone and microphone headset – 2 pcs.
– TR-007 transport case – 1 pc.
– CR-009 USB charger – 1 pc.
– CA-006 USB cable w/ 2x micro-USB plugs – 1 pc.

The warranty period is 2 years
We offer full technical support, upgrades and system maintenance even after the warranty period expires.

The AT-350 is the smallest and lightest full duplex two-way intercom system on the market!

What is the AXIWI intercom?
AXIWI is a wireless intercom system designed for audio-visual productions and live events.
It allows you to create an instant and professional communication system for your production crew, technicians and a/v production.
The AT-350 offers full-duplex hands-free communication for six people.
The system operates without a license in the radio frequency band 863 MHz ~ 865 MHz in digital GFSK modulation, making it immune to interference from other radio systems in the vicinity, e.g. Wi-Fi, wireless microphones and clip-on microphones.
The AXIWI AT-350 has eight independent communication channels (all of which can operate in the same area simultaneously), where it can listen to and join in the conversation for up to 250 people per channel.

Advanced wireless intercom system for audio transmission and communication

The AT-350 offers “hands-free” two-way communication, meaning that the user has a small terminal hooked up to his or her belt and at any time can say something to the rest of the team or hear important commands through a headset. Hands-free operation increases productivity, improves workplace safety, reduces disorganization and distraction.

Wireless and self-contained solution for team communication
The AXIWI is a communications system that does not require a base station or cable connection. It’s a fully wireless solution, where you only need to turn on one intercom from the group in “master” mode to create a telecommunications network.

Secure and clear audio transmission
The AT-350 transmits and receives audio in the 863 MHz ~ 865 MHz band in digital GFSK modulation, not used by popular wireless systems and Wi-Fi. As a result, you get a secure communication system free of interference without shortening the transmission range, something that usually plagues standard UHF wireless systems.

Advanced system enclosed in a small and lightweight housing
The AXIWI AT-350 offers a range of up to 300 meters in line of sight and can operate for up to 10 hours on a full charge. It is a miniature intercom weighing no more than 70 grams, making it comfortable to use all day long.

Universal headphone/microphone connector
Thanks to the manufacturer’s use of a 3.5 mm TRRS mini jack connector, the AXIWI will work with most headsets on the market. You can also use the headset from your own cell phone.

In short, the AXIWI AT-350 guarantees high-quality wireless and unattended coordination for teams involved in audio/video, media production, video, streaming or any team looking for seamless real-time remote voice communication.

AXIWI AT-350 features:
– Two-way communication for up to 6 people at a time
– three communication modes – Master, Sub-master, Follower
– Maximum number of users per channel – up to 250 people
– Frequency band 863 MHz ~ 865 MHz
– Range up to 300 meters in line of sight
– eight communication channels
– Dimensions 78 x 38 x 19 mm
– Weight: 70 grams (with battery)
– 3.5 mm TRRS headphone/microphone jack socket
– Operating time – 10 hours, charging time – 3~4 hours
– Protection class IP54

Axitour Communication Solutions is a proven and experienced provider of real-time wireless communication solutions. Systems include full-duplex wireless communications for sports and sports referees, industry, audio/video production, simultaneous interpretation as well as emergency and civil services. The Dutch company Axitour is an official FIFA partner for two-way wireless communication solutions.