Intercom systems – broad range

Our range of intercom systems features popular, economical and cheap solutions for sound transmission systems. Our systems are widely used not only in offices, but also by sports referees, fitness trainers, in horse riding, water sports, health care and audio-video production.

Intercoms for gastronomy / HoReCa services

Wireless communications systems to facilitate communication and simplify work organisation in the HoReCa industry, e. g. between:
– the kitchen or servers and the waiting staff at the restaurant.
– waiters and the backlot e. g. during special events.
– the head waiter and the personnel when handling catering or events.
– the hotel reception and the cleaning personnel or security.

Intercom systems – London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford

You can collect the equipment from our point in Gdynia, we will deliver it to any location fast and safe.

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