Tour guide systems – wide range

Our offer of the tour guide systems includes popular, economical and cheap solutions of the sound transmission systems. They are widely used not only in tourism, translations, event industry, and at the conferences, but also in different types of manufacturing companies with their own lines or assembly halls.

Radio guide systems in tourism

They increase the comfort of sightseeing for tourists and end-users as well as guides. Thanks to them, the tour participants don’t have to crowd tightly around the guide and other visitors, which nowadays has acquired an additional, health dimension.

Wireless sound transmission systems in manufacturing companies

The tour guide is an indispensable element of equipment in all production lines or assembly halls – they work well wherever you need to, for example, you can use them if you need to show contractors around noisy surroundings without disturbing other employees.

PA systems for the conference and event industries and interpreters

Tour guide is perfect for any events that require translations. They work well at outdoor events and closed conferences.

Tourguide systems – microphones, earphones, charging cases, bags, accessories

Our offer includes a wide selection of necessary accessories – travel bags, charging cases, chargers, disposable earphones, reusable earphones, behind-the-head microphones, tie clip microphones, collar microphones, rechargeable batteries, batteries, lanyards, and hygiene accessories.

Original tour guide systems – wide range

We offer tour guide systems from reputable manufacturers such as Okayo, mGuide and Links. If you haven’t found the right equipment on this page, please contact us via the e-mail address and visit

Tour guide systems – London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford

You can pick up the equipment from our office in Poland, or we can deliver it quickly and safely to any place. If you want to use the option of renting radio guides, please contact us.

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