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Tourguide System Set – Okayo EarMe | L (44+2)


 2,719.00 Net value

Kit contains:
– 44 Okayo EarMe receivers
– 2 Okayo EarMe transmitters
– 2 C222 chargers
– 2 HEM-100A microphones

The Okayo EarMe is a modern digital tour guide system for groups, with the simplest possible handling scheme. Were it not for the fact that the speakers are equipped with volume adjustment devices one could say that it requires no adjustment at all.

Beside the quite trivial adjustment of volume, a clear advantage of the EarMe receiver is the complete lack of cabling, specifically – lack of the wired earpiece that one needed to attach to a specific jack, like in other models. If you operate the EarMe tour guide system, you do not need to worry about having to purchase any headphones for receivers. No more tangled cables, lost reusable headphones or having to remember to prepare a suitable count of disposable earpieces.

This is the first model of the Okayo tourguide system, in which the receiver takes the form of an earpiece. The receiver-headphone can be worn both on the right as well as on the left ear. The structure is compact, light, resistant to damage and easy to disinfect. The EarMe receiver can be used together with the NHS-55 disposable hygienic cover.
The receiver has only two buttons that are used both to switch the unit on and off, and to adjust the volume.

When the transmitter is first started up, it is paired with receivers. Further receivers may additionally be paired during use. When they are shut off, the system registers the paired group. The transmitter allows remote changes to all channels on all paired receivers, an opeation that the user never notices. After the transmitter is shut off, the receivers automatically switch off after five minutes as well

Model properties:

  • receiver in the form of a wireless earpiece
  • range: 80 metres
  • operation time: at least 10 hours
  • receiver with integrated earpiece suitable both for the right as well as for the left ear
  • easy receiver disinfection
  • two-button receiver operation
  • simple, automatic transmitter pairing
  • the shut-down does not cause the unit to unpair
  • option of checking the battery level when the receiver is off
  • light chargers with magnetic terminals for quick charging
  • lightest receiver ever – only 20 grams




digital tour guide system

Special features

durable, economical

Intended use



823 – 832 MHz + 863 – 865 MHz

Number of channels


Range in the line of sight

up to 80 meters

Power supply

Li-Poly battery

Operating time

receiver up to 11 hours; transmitter up to 18 hours.


Okayo EarMe