Tourguide System Set – mGuide DLR-01 | M (38+2)


Medium tourguide set – mGuide DLR-01. This tourguide system provides problem-free operation on all continents due to the use of the worldwide ISM 2.4GHz frequency. The mGuide DLR tourguide system is a digital equipment with the possibility of simultaneous operation of 2 tourguide transmitters on 1 channel. Warranty 3 years.

3,590.00 Net value

The set includes:
38 x DLR-01R + lanyards
2 x DLR-01T + lanyards
2 x EHR-01
1 x CB-40x

The set DOES NOT INCLUDE EARPHONES – select suitable earphones from our offer!

We present you the latest (2018) digital system tour guide – mGuide DLR.

mGuide (private label of MEXPO), continuing its tradition of collaboration with engineers from the most technologically advanced countries of Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Korea), created the first system operating in 2.4 GHz ISM – universal, worldwide and non-licensed frequency. The range exceeds 150 m in the line of sight, which in case of previously available models from other producers goes beyond their maximum range over three times.

Due to the application of digital modulation based on Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol the maximum power of the transmitter does not exceed acceptable 10mW.

mGuide DLR features:

– Transmission from 2 transmitters at once on the same channel
– The range up to 170 m in the line of sight
– 80 channels
– Two-way communication between transmitters (e.g. conversation between tour manager and tour guide up to a distance of 150 m)
– AUX input for plugging audio source to the transmitter (e.g. MP3 player) and simultaneous transmission of voice and background music or recorded audio communications (which facilitates tour guide’s job)
– Battery charging with normal phone charger (micro USB input)
– Battery charging in charging case (slots)
– Regulation of microphone sensitivity on the transmitter
– Microphone mute function

– System recommended for tourism companies which send their clients to all continents.

Other parameters of the digital tour guide system mGuide DLR-01
– Frequency 2403-2480 MHz
– Type of transmission – GFSK modulation with frequency hopping
– Operating time of the receiver – usually up to 15h
– Operating time of the transmitter – usually up to 10h
– Lithium-ion battery 3.7V 800mA
– Dimensions 50x88x15 mm
– Weight 60 g







Special features

worldwide license-free frequency

Intended use

industry, intercontinental tourism, seminars

Number of channels


Range in the line of sight

up to 170 meters

Power supply

Lithium-ion battery 3.7V 800mA

Operating time

receiver up to 15 hours; transmitter up to 10 hours.


micro USB (charging), Microphone connector 3.5 mm jack


Earphone connector 3.5 mm jack